Thursday, August 5

Provincetown, Massachusetts

When we arrived, the Film Festival had just ended. When we left, the Portuguese Festival was just beginning. But while we were there, it was just perfect. Aside from the 90-100° temperatures, and high humidity. The art galleries and Museum were inspiring. The main street, Commercial Street, was mobbed with people. But if you got off it and walked along the wide beach, it was peaceful. Serene. Still. The soft white diffused light of the Cape is so different from the brilliance of the Mediterranean light, or the golden tones of California. I sat on the edge and painted the stillness. The color of the water blended into the sky. Small boats were wedged in the sand one moment, then lifted by the tide in the next. I named the series of boat paintings after that sense of stillness and quiet. Here are 3 of them.

"Stillness 1"                                  "Stillness 2"                                 "Stillness 3"

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